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NSR Firearms & Gun Media

So here we are in 2016 already. Hard to believe. We did not have the grandiose launch of our YouTube page that we wanted, but it is there and we are working on it.

We do have a Face Book page though for NSR Firearms &Gun Media. Look us up there. And I have managed to do a couple of reviews, with video, and show some more of the custom work we do on guns. Highlights are my review of the Arsenal Strike One and the Project Resurrection G30S.

2015 was a busy year with Gun shows and working and consulting with an ammo remanufacturer, Advanced Ballistic Systems (ABS Ammo). Was involved with their marketing and product development on a 300 Blackout line of ammo and AR uppers. It was a lot of fun.

Looking towards 2016 to be better still. I am currently working with some talented people to put together a partnership to further all of our dedicated talents. There will be more on that later. (All I can say cryptically is.... There is an evil organization out there.... and it is good)

All training classes remain the same, prices are the same. A new schedule of classes will be updated soon. And I look forward to seeing you all this year. In the mean time here are some pics to get you interested.

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