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We are excited to introduce a new side of the business. Here we can offer custom hand stippling to your polymer framed handguns such as Glocks, Rugers, S&Ws, Springfields, Kahrs etc.. As well as polymer long gun accessories like Magpul stocks, forends, mags etc......

If it's polymer, we can stipple it in one of the 3 textures listed below.

Prices very depending on the project.

Generally $20.00 per hour labor

Call to discuss your needs

1. Smooth Treebark

2. Sharp Treebark

3. Lava Rock

Next is some photos of a few of the firearms we have done so far.

A Ruger SR9 with Smooth Treebark on the grips and Sharp Treebark on the

front strap

This is a custom finished Reminton 870 with Magpul forend and stock. It has Smooth Treebark on the forend and the grip front strap.

Magpul AR Pmags 2nd & 3rd Gen... with Lava Rock stippling.

A lady's Ruger LCP with Sharp Treebark.

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